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Research is to see what everybody else has seen, and to think what nobody else has thought

- Albert Szent-Györgi

In today's competitive arena, excellence has become the motto of success. Once students step into their suited professional environment, they are expected to be far more aware of workspace fundamentals mingled with novel ideologies, than before. The inception of excellence lies in constant exploration and inventive approach. This can happen by investing in a thought-provoking curriculum apart from theoretical knowledge.

The Research and Development Department of Eshan offers an opportunity for students to engage themselves in academic research to enhance their aptitude and promote a logical approach toward problem-solving. As the root of uniqueness lies in contemporary methods, our R&D team not only makes students aware of the vitality of research but encourages students to conduct experiments, modulation, and consistent up-gradation via workshops, conferences, and research associations to become budding academicians.

With the availability of the latest books, journals, and periodicals for students to become aware of research, our proficient faculty encourages students to conduct research under their expertise leading to innovative discoveries and contributionsto develop their respective fields. This aids in introducing new concepts and diversifying their mindset through practical knowledge of the subject and motivates them to contribute their original work in the field of management, science, and technology.

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