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Post Graduate Diploma (1 YEAR)

Diploma In Retail Management || Computer Hardware And Networking

Course Details:

Course Details: Retail Management Retail management course requires a lot of new blood (fresh batch) who will ensure a further rise in this already well-established field. Students during retail management course are taught the best skills which are needed to practice retailing, but practice makes perfect and the more effort someone puts into it the more they will shine in this field. Computer Hardware And Networking In the current age, businesses worldwide are dependent on the IT infrastructure for critical business operations. To handle IT infrastructure, there are requirements for skilled professionals in the field of computer hardware and networking. These professionals can set up and manage IT infrastructure, minimize downtime and scale up or down the capacity requirement as per the need of the business.


Retail Management||Computer Hardware And Networking


1 Year


Intermediate(12th) from any recognized board

3 Year bachelor's degree from any recognized university

DESCRIPTION Odd Semester (1st Semester) EvenSemester (2nd Semester) Total(Per Year)
Annual Composite Charges (Per Year)
(Includes: Registration, Book Bank, Uniform, PDP, Seminars, Training & Placement, Internal-Practical & Examinations and other Misc. Expenses
5000 -- 5000/-
Tuition Fees (Per Year) 11250 11250 22500/-
Total 16250 11250 27500/

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